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Deleted User -> [Deleted] (6/2/2005 9:42:56 AM)

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CoolBreeze -> RE: Sapphire X800 AGP review at CDRinfo (6/2/2005 10:59:20 AM)

godd job u guys

this Sapphire card is a damn good overclocker indeed, but the results (overclocked) with doom3/HL2/FarCry are not so different. I was expecting to see more fps, when 3dMark shows a 22% increase...

any ideas why this is happening?

Iggy -> RE: Sapphire X800 AGP review at CDRinfo (6/2/2005 12:17:37 PM)

From what I understand by reading this review is that this happend because:

"In games however, this difference will not be noticed, as the 4 disabled pixel pipelines greatly affect performance for the settings we chose to use (4xAA and 8xAF)."

Maybe this explains the performance in games.

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