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Schnawwl -> LG4163B: "not suitable for this feature"? (5/29/2005 4:12:34 PM)

Hi together!

I have a problem with DVDInfo Pro 3.57.
Whenever I try to do a PIO test with my LG 4163B (A104), it says "current drive is not suitable for this feature". I looked around on this forum to fix my problem but didn´t find anything helpful about this issue!
Maybe anybody can help my out!
Many THX!

zebra -> RE: LG4163B: "not suitable for this feature"? (5/30/2005 7:19:57 AM)

Hi there Schnawwl,

These specific drives, as of yet do not support parity reporting. The firmware does not implement the routines to allow for such a feature. :(

If they ever do, rest assured, we will include it!

Schnawwl -> RE: LG4163B: "not suitable for this feature"? (6/1/2005 5:29:30 AM)

Hi Zebra!

Thanks for your reply! Now, I understand my problems with my LG drive - didn´t know about that. Also my Toshiba DVD-ROM M1712 (J004) don´t do the test! Bad luck!  So I have to hope the DVD-Rs I bought for my LG are good. Can´t test them!

Greets and a nice day,

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