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fearstangs -> Not sure how to update firmware. (8/11/2003 10:16:34 PM)

I have the sony crx215E1. Its been working fine uptill recently. I am thinking a few winxp updates have started messing up my cdrw. anyways the problem is when i burn mp3s to a audio cd for my car, it starts skiping on the 4th track or 5th one and will stop playing entirely on the 6th. I am using ezcd 6 ( i know gonna get stones thrown at me now ) anyways. i have updated all the software uninstalled and reinstalled but it still does it. In the same spot with every cdr. I downloaded the firmware from this site but I m not sure how to update using a bin file. it saved as sys2.bin. any help would be appriecated. thanks

sp -> RE: Not sure how to update firmware. (8/13/2003 12:06:24 AM)

It seems a media problem to me.
Please follow the advice of the wise posters on the subject here.
In general, you will have to experiment to some extend yourself, depending on the particular player you use.

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