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Iggy -> Convert your OEM LiteOn burner to LiteOn (5/13/2005 8:29:54 AM)

If you have an OEM version of a LiteOn burner, such as a Sony or Memorex, you can flash it with a LiteOn firmware. The main reason for doing such an action is that most OEM brands never release a newer firmware revision of their drive than this one by the time of the release. So if you have any burning quality issues or speed issues with media you can flash it with the latest firmware of LiteOn burner.

This is something I don't recomment, and you make it AT YOUR OWN RISC.

All you need for this is MTKflash, which is in DOS mode, or MTK WinFlash and the .bin file of the correct LiteOn drive. Don't try to use a firmware of a different drive because this might damage your drive. For example if you have a 1633 OEM don't use a firmware from a 1673.

After you run the utility you'll have to choose between ATAPI and IDE modes.


In IDE mode you'll have to choose the channel you have installed your drive. As below:


In IDE mode just choose the name of the drive.

According to which mode you have selected you'll received one of the following confirmation windows:



Please if you have anything to add, please do it.[:)]

eleajar -> RE: Convert your OEM LiteOn burner to LiteOn (5/13/2005 7:08:52 PM)

nice going iggy.

this is handy since i had some led problems with my liteon1653, but i tried your way of flashing with the sony firmware, and now it's fresh and new.

thx for the info, and break a leg (it's the first review on this forum section, i think)

Iggy -> RE: Convert your OEM LiteOn burner to LiteOn (5/14/2005 8:38:00 AM)

OK, this looks more like a guide, but I would like to test if it works, that's why I place it here.[:)]

Thanks Eleajar.[:D]

emperor -> RE: Convert your OEM LiteOn burner to LiteOn (5/15/2005 3:27:19 PM)

Just a note, for DVD Burners you might want first to use the crossflashed fixed firmwares from Codeguys, since LiteON has a protection to avoid crossflashing between the various OEM drives

Iggy -> RE: Convert your OEM LiteOn burner to LiteOn (5/16/2005 7:01:14 AM)

Yeap, I downloaded the firmware from Codeguys.[:)][;)]

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