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Matthew -> Kodak Easyshare (4/17/2005 3:23:02 PM)

Has anyone tried (and failed) to load this on a XP Home system with the Wndows Installer 3.1 update applied?

Alternatively, have you tried and succeeded?

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Matthew -> RE: Kodak Easyshare (4/19/2005 9:58:31 AM)

Got a reply from Kodak

Easyshare 4.02 is INCOMPATIBLE with Windows Installer 3.1 - tricode error 1931x17x2951053040x returned when installition is nearly finished (yes, you just wasted all that time downloading!)

They describe a solution, by removing the update and reapplying after installing Easyshare, but I see the Easyshare download is "temporarily unavailable" - well, they've got to make one that works with the Windows Update that everyone following normal update procedure will have - since it's a "pushed" update.

How many more programs have MS broken with this?

Matthew -> RE: Kodak Easyshare (4/21/2005 9:42:18 AM)

An update that works around the issue is now available.

If you tried recently though, be sure to CLEAR YOUR CACHE in IE (I used that and "offline content") - after failing before, probably due to an old file remaining in the cache and being scavenged from there.

Your ISP proxy may also be holding an old file, give it a bit longer to unsure it washes through.

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