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Cooler -> Tool(s) for easy conversion? (3/23/2005 10:56:11 AM)

A friend made a short visit to here and I received some video files. Unfortunately, they were in POS format, so I need an easy way to convert those crappy no-good WindowsMedia (WMV9?) to some usable format. Problem (not problem for me, but for conversion!) is that I don't have or use any crappy formats, nor I plan to. [>:][8|]

The question is, is there software capable converting these without infesting the computer with WindowsMedia, I.E. software having codecs mentioned internally? [:o]

In case anyone wonders,
1. I stopped using WMV because it became too "hostile". If MS EULA is still as unacceptable, i don't know... nor care. [:(]
2. No Hollywood production in files. Main characters are two cats and a dog. [:D]

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