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Deleted User -> [Deleted] (3/22/2005 9:02:25 AM)

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emperor -> RE: Samsung TS-H552U review>>>> (3/22/2005 5:44:43 PM)

minos thanks for the news!

Marcel17 -> RE: Samsung TS-H552U review>>>> (3/22/2005 7:19:46 PM)

I just brought one of these , y've instaled the drive the day before yesterday, and today, i read this review , i must say yhat i'm scared ,i thout the 552U is just a small revision of 552B.I think y was wrong huh?
Fromm what i've read /heared this drive was supposed to be quieter than the NEC 3250 /Pioneer 109,have the same writing quality as them ,be a little better with the error correction(in my case the ability to read poorely pressed DVD's/Taiwanese counterfit anime that my Sony reader was chocking on)I did not care abbout speed or bit setting as y do not own a stand alone DVD player.I guess that all that is valid for the "B" not the "U".
This is my first burner,hmm,what am y gonna do,what am y gonna do?

Sen028 -> RE: Samsung TS-H552U review>>>> (3/23/2005 12:13:45 AM)

Just wondering the 5:17min timing for 16x TDK DVD-R is full size? It's a record if it's really 4.38GB. [8D]

Deleted User -> [Deleted] (3/23/2005 6:24:39 AM)

[Deleted by Admins]

Sen028 -> RE: Samsung TS-H552U review>>>> (3/23/2005 9:17:43 AM)

Nice to hear that. [:D] Might get one just for fun, it's dirt cheap here.[:)]

Iggy -> RE: Samsung TS-H552U review>>>> (3/23/2005 10:00:04 AM)

And according to the following page:


the quality is not too bad, don't you think? for 5:17min recording.

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