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Appeared on: Thursday, June 19, 2008

1. Introduction, features

My first LCD monitor was an LG L1915S, a popular model among gamers due to its relatively low range. Later I moved to a more advanced solution, the Viewsonic VP930. But my latest upgrade was the most important for me, since I joined the 24" category. But why 24"? Well, I was thinking of a monitor that would offer 1920x1080p but would not cost me more than €500. After spending a morning walking around the local stores, I decided that the LG L246WH-BN was more or less what I wanted.

- LG L246WH-BN 24" LCD Monitor

The LG L246WH-BN monitor comes with a massive 24" dimension and it is based on a TN panel. There have been so many online discussions about panels and of course the MVA, S-IPS panels do offer much better colour re-production and wider viewing angles. However, their "high" lag of 16~30ms makes them less attractive when it comes to absolute gaming. In addition, their retail price is around 1.8~2.5 times the price of a TN LCD monitor. For some reason, I think that the specific panel from LG will not carry the "negative" characteristics of the TN panels. We will say some more about that later.

As we previously mentioned, the LG L246WH-BN retails for around €410~450, depending on your region and the VAT.

The most important features of the LG 24" LCD monitor are:

The official full specifications are very informative about what you can expect from sthe LG monitor. The TN panel has been manufactured by AUO Technology (M240UW04 V1), offering a brightness of 400nits , a viewing angl of 170° and a high constrast of 2000:1. The reported 5ms response time is usually measured between gray-to-gray so it doesn't represent the whole truth.


Inch 24W



Panel Type (TN,IPS)


Aspect Ratio



1920 x 1200


400 nits , non- Glare

Contrast Ratio


Response Time


Viewing Angle

170/170 (CR>5)

Surface Treatment

2H coating

The panel comes complete with various inputs/outputs. This model supports the HDCP protection and has an HDMI input that allows you to connect any compatible digital video source. Of course the traditional D-Sub15 and the Component inputs are also available, mostly for connecting your game console. The supported frequencies are always depending on the selected resolution. The monitor gives a typical 1920x1200@60Hz.

PC Input / Output

D-Sub Yes



PC Audio Out



Yes (USB 2.0, 1 up /2 Down)

(Jack Position)

Rear (USB down & PC Audio Out : Side)

Video Input / Output


Yes (Video only)

(Jack Position)



H-Frequence (Analog)

30 ~ 83 kHz

H-Frequence (Digital)

30 ~ 83 kHz

V-Frequence (Analog)

56 ~ 75 Hz

V-Frequence (Digital)

56 ~ 75 Hz

The main menu of the monitor is accessed through the buttons placed on bottom left side of the monitor. It's also good to see that LG supports various OSD languages.

Key Number 8EA(Power Key Included)
Key Location Front
Key Type Tact Switch Type
LED color Blue/Amber
OSD Language English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Finnish, Polish, Russian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Ukraine
Power Consumption
Normal 80W
S/W Off 1W
Mechanical S/W No
Power Type (Adapter or LIPS) Built in Power
Set Color
Front Color Black / Silver Option
B/Cover Color Black
Stand Color Black Glossy

The monitor's stand is very stable, after mounting the provided screw to keep the whole structure secure. The overall size of the monitor is big, compared with a 19" LCD monitor. It's weight is 9.6kg.


Stand Alone


Base detachable










Dimension (W x H x D) (mm)


560 (W) x 270.2 (D) X 444.5 (H)


621 (W) x 494 (D) x 265 (H)



9.6 kg


12.0 kg

The monitor offers various features, including auto resolution expanded and of course PIP, a very interesting feature that allows you to view two windows on the same screen. Lastly, all regulation standards are present with VESA mounting.

Special Features



Pb Free






Intelligent Auto (Auto Resolution)





VESA Mounting

Yes (100 x 100)

2. Package

The LG L246WH-BN can be considered as an affordable 24" LCD monitor available for 410~440 Euro (+shipping), as found in several online stores. As I was navigating across the online stores, I also found the LG L246WP-BN, which is a different model than the one we have here since it is has a different panel (P-MVA).


The retail box are includes:

What you will not find is an HDMI-to-HDMI cable. Although such a cable does not cost that much, it would be nice if LG had included one in the package.

The LG L246WH-BN looks huge compared to a 19" LCD monitor.

Below you can see the various buttons that are used to control the main functions of the monitor. Pushing a button gives you back a slight "click", but we would prefer a more ergonomic design here.


At the rear side we we find the USB, D-Sub15, Component, HDMI ports.

On the left side there are two USB inputs and of course a headphone jack for listening to HDMI audio.


3. Installation, Power up

Before using your newly bought LCD monitor you will have to properly mount the included stand. There are two hooks that should be positioned inside the stand slots and then you need to turn the bottom stand to the right in order to secure it.

The monitor' s stand allows the screen to be tilted from -5o~20o degrees, swivel at 350 degrees or increase its height by 100mm.

We looked over the manual in order to find any information about the number of broken/stuck pixels covered by the warranty - with no luck.

In the included CD you can find a user's guide and several sRGB profiles ready to use. We used the Picture | CSM to sRGB setting.

The brightness of the default settings was very high so you should probably reduce it down to 60-70 for more comfortable viewing. In order to watch HD video without vertical stretch of the image, set Screen | ARC to 1:1 instead of Full.

Passing to the performance... the LG L246WH-BN really impressed us both with its brightness and the vibrant colors. The viewing angles were very good. Using Everest Ultimate Edition we did not find any broken/stuck pixel and in general the overall performance at the various tests were satisfactory. We did notice a small leakage at the bottom of the screen, but that's rather common. The transition points of green/red/white to black, unveiled the weaknesses of TN panels, since the graduate level is not perfect. But as you know, "...what you pay is what you get.."

4. Final words

The LG L246WH-BN is a good proposal for all those looking for a 24" LCD monitor. It is reasonably priced, it is backed by a 3-year warranty, an HDMI input and performed adequately in our tests.

As a TN panel, it does not have the perfect color reproduction. No ghosting effects were noticed during gaming. It's viewing angles are very good, at least compared with my older LG L-1915S. Of course colors will look pale if you look the screen from above.

Overall, I have to say that I am pleased with my purchase. The LG L246WH-BN has the correct price for my wallet, it is big and comes with HDMI input. The retail package includes several cables but misses to include an HDMI-to-HDMI cable. I have no major reason not to suggest this LCD monitor to anyone who does not want to spend more than 430 euro.

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