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Appeared on: Friday, January 31, 2003
SANYO announces DVD±R/RW drive signal-processing IC!

SANYO Japan announced that DVD, CD, and HD-BURN record/playback technologies integrated on a single chip for the first time in the industry with the LC897390K chipset. As SANYO says the LC897390K will be available in sample quantities in December 2002 and in production quantities in January 2003.

While CD-R/RW drives are widely used for personal computer data storage, there is increasing market demand for recording DVD drives, which can record large amounts of data, due to the widespread use of digital cameras and other digital imaging devices. SANYO has now developed the LC897390K signal-processing IC that supports both DVD±R/RW and the HD-BURN record/playback technologies. The LC897390K and an RF amplifier can provide, in just two chips, all the signal processing required to implement a DVD±R/RW drive, thus achieving a significant simplification of drive design.

The LC897390K is fabricated in a 0.25 µm CMOS process for low power and includes the following circuit blocks: CD encoder/decoder, CD-ROM encoder/decoder, DVD encoder/decoder, ATIP/ADIP/LPP circuit, digital servos, write strategy function that increases recording quality by achieving optimal control of the recording operation, and an ATIP interface. It is provided in a 256-pin LQFP package.

This newly-developed IC not only supports DVD±R/RW recording and playback, but also CD and CD-ROM recording and playback. The LC897390K DVD±R/RW recording system supports 5X speed recording, the industry's highest level, and it supports 16X speed DVD playback. The LC897390K CD and CD-ROM system supports 40X speed recording and 48X speed playback. The LC897390K also supports both SANYO's BURN-Proof technology, which prevents record errors, and SANYO's HD-BURN technology, which achieves twice the storage capacity on CD-R/RW media. Thus the LC897390K can provide product differentiation in the competitive DVD recording drive market. Since the LC897390K can also be used in consumer DVD recorders, it can be used to achieve product differ-entiation in this market as well, by, for example, providing HD-BURN recording in a DVD recorder.


LC897390K (DVD±R/RW drive signal-processing IC)
• 5X-speed DVD±R/RW encoding
• 16X-speed DVD decoding
• 40X-speed CD-R encoding
• 48X-speed CD-ROM decoding
• HD-BURN recording and playback
• BURN-Proof
• CAV recording
• Write strategy function
• Subcode encoding/decoding functions
• BCA read
• DVD-R/RW LPP decoder
• DVD+R/RW ADIP decoder
• Pit and wobble CLV/CAV servo functions
• Digital servo functions
• ATAPI interface
• Package: 256-pin LQFP

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