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Appeared on: Thursday, January 10, 2002
Analyst predicts 725% growth in recordable DVD sales for 2002

Jon Peddie, president of Jon Peddie Research, predicted that Recordable DVD drive sales will grow from 1.3 million units in 2001 to 9.8 million in 2002, more than 30 million units in 2004, and 50+ million in 2005. Members of the RDVDC, a coalition of 83 leading DVD technology developers and manufacturers who are working to expand the understanding of the DVD Forum's recordable DVD formats (DVD-RAM, DVD-R, DVD-RW), were confident that they could meet the growing demand.

Drawing on more than 17 years of experience in analyzing the digital marketplace, Peddie also discussed the factors that are driving RDVD growth. ``With the release of the DVD Forum's new DVD Multi specifications and the growing number of affordably priced multifunction Recordable DVD drives and recorders that are available, consumers and businesses are discovering that they can be a part of the DVD world,'' said Peddie.

Two key factors were cited for stimulating the RDVD market's growth: compatibility and lower prices. The growing number of firms shipping Forum-compliant DVD-RAM, DVD-R and DVD-RW drives and media will bring drive prices below $400 by the end of the year, and recordable DVD media will drop to less than $3 for a write-once 4.7GB DVD-R disc that can be played in virtually every DVD drive and player.

Peddie pointed out that with the latest generation of DVD recorders, consumers can capture television shows and randomly watch the shows at their convenience. ``But,'' he emphasized, ``with all of the digital camcorders that have been purchased this past year, consumers want to do more than just watch videos. They want to produce their own high-quality movies and share them on the same medium. DVD Forum-standard recordable DVD enables consumers to quickly and easily move their work from the camcorder to their PC to their DVD player and the TV set. ''Whether it's your own video or a show you captured, the quality will be the same after decades as the day it was recorded,`` Peddie continued. ''Recordable DVD is a great way to preserve and share wedding, birthday and family events.

``It won't take consumers long to realize that the new dual-technology drives not only provide a huge amount of removable storage capacity for photo albums and videos, they provide added value because the same drive can be used to store, edit, backup, archive and share documents, data and other personal/professional information,'' Peddie noted. ``Video gives DVD its sizzle, but data storage is where people will really reap all of the benefits.''

Focused on making CE and PC convergence a reality, the RDVDC announced, that it was expanding its support of DVD Forum-approved recordable DVD formats to include the Forum's new DVD Multi standard. DVD Multi is a set of hardware specifications developed to enable disc compatibility for virtually all formats officially created by the DVD Forum.

At the end of the press conference, various RDVDC members demonstrated the broad compatibility between recordable DVD camcorders, drives, recorders and players and showed a new Recordable DVD drive that reads and writes DVD-RAM, DVD-R, and DVD-RW media as well as CD-R/RW media. Council members also detailed plans to stimulate the worldwide recordable DVD market with conference and convention activities as well as business and consumer educational/informational programs.

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