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Friday, May 12, 2006
 Xbox 360 Accessories
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Message Text: Microsoft announced the official line up of Xbox Authentic Products for the Xbox 360 system.

Upcoming Xbox 360 Accessories

- Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel. The Wireless Racing Wheel combines form and function with the latest technology in wireless and force feedback. The estimated retail price (ERP) is to be announced (TBA).

- Xbox 360 Wireless Headset. The Xbox 360 Wireless Headset provides wireless voice chat, ergonomic design and highvoice quality over the Xbox Live network. Now gamers can pair this and the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller. Gamers can use up to four Wireless Controllers and Wireless Headsets simultaneously during multiplayer gaming sessions (ERP TBA).

- Xbox Live Vision. The Xbox Live Vision video camera integrates with the Xbox 360 system and Xbox Live network to bring interactive social gaming to life. The camera allows gamers to personalize their gaming experience with their own gamer picture, send photo messages, and chat by video with friends and family over Xbox Live (ERP TBA).

- Xbox 360 HD DVD Player. The Xbox 360 HD DVD Player connects with Xbox 360 to deliver high-definition content through HD DVD releases from major Hollywood and international movie studios. The HD DVD Player delivers high-definition-quality video and digital surround sound with Xbox 360. It includes the Xbox 360 Universal Media Remote (ERP TBA).

- Xbox 360 Memory Unit (256 MB). With four times more capacity than the original, gamers can store and transfer even more Xbox 360 saved games, Xbox Live profiles, full Xbox Live Arcade titles and other entertainment content downloaded from Xbox Live Marketplace.

- Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver for Windows. By plugging the compact receiver into a USB 2.0 port on the PC, the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller, Xbox 360 Wireless Headset and Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel can be used on a second platform (ERP TBA).

Current Xbox 360 Accessories

- Xbox 360 Wireless Controller. The Xbox 360 Wireless Controller features the Xbox Guide Button for quick access to digital movies, music and games libraries, and has a range of up to 30 feet and a battery life of up to 30 hours on two AA batteries (ERP $49.99 U.S.).

- Xbox 360 Quick Charge Kit. This gives gamers a way to recharge up to two battery packs at a time. The kit plugs into any wall socket and recharges batteries completely in as little as two hours. It comes with one battery pack (ERP $29.99 U.S.).

- Xbox 360 Wireless Networking Adapter. With this 802.11 A/B/G adapter, gamers can chat with friends and play games via Xbox Live, as well as stream videos and music to Xbox 360 from a Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005-based PC, all without the clutter of wires (ERP $99.99 U.S.).

- Xbox 360 Play & Charge Kit. This allows gamers to plug and play for, precision wireless gaming with the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller. Gamers are given ample warning when the end of battery life is near so they can connect the Play & Charge cable for uninterrupted play (ERP $19.99 U.S.).

- Xbox 360 Rechargeable Battery Pack. This provides up to 25 hours of gameplay for wireless gaming fun (ERP $11.99 U.S.).

- Xbox 360 Hard Drive (20 GB). Twenty GB and detachable, the Hard Drive allows gamers to store their games and music and downloaded trailers, levels, demos and community-created content from Xbox Live Marketplace and more (ERP $99.99 U.S.).

- Xbox 360 Memory Unit (64 MB). This lets gamers save games, in-game achievements and unique gamer profiles for quick access while on the go (ERP $39.99 U.S.).

- Xbox 360 Headset. This heightens the Xbox Live experience by letting gamers strategize with teammates or trash-talk opponents while playing games (ERP $19.99 U.S.).

- Xbox 360 Controller. The Xbox 360 Controller features compact ergonomics for comfortable play and accommodates gamers of all sizes and skill levels. Adjustable vibration feedback results in a more personalized gaming experience, and the unit also works with most Windows XP-based PCs (ERP $39.99 U.S.).

- Xbox 360 Universal Media Remote. This integrated control center lets consumers play DVDs, movies and music, as well as control a TV and their Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005-based PC controls with a single controller (ERP $29.99 U.S.).

- Xbox 360 S-Video AV Cable (U.S. only) and Xbox 360 SCART AV Cable (Europe only). These cables work for high-definition and standard-definition TVs that use S-Video or composite video inputs. (ERP $29.99 U.S.).

- Xbox 360 VGA HD AV Cable. Gamers can experience high-definition gaming on flat-panel TV or VGA monitors. This cable provides audio and video signal transfer (ERP $39.99 U.S.).

- Xbox 360 Component HD AV Cable. This is available for Xbox 360 Core System owners or gamers who want the convenience of an extra cable (ERP $39.99 U.S.).

- Customizable faceplates. Gamers can show off their personalities by customizing the look of their Xbox 360 consoles with interchangeable faceplates. (ERP $19.99 U.S.).
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