Why is DOS or Windows not seeing the full capacity of the drive in FDISK ?

This is a sign that either:
The system BIOS is improperly configured,
-OR- The BIOS cannot support the full capacity of the hard drive.

To obtain the full capacity of the hard drive:
  • Install the Cylinder Limitation Jumper (J46 on the Maxtor hard drive) and use the MaxBlast or MaxBlast Plus software to prepare the hard drive. The application of the Cylinder Limitation will NOT decrease the capacity of the hard drive.
    NOTE: Some Operating Systems will NOT function properly when the Cylinder Limitation Jumper is applied (e.g., Windows NT, Linux, etc.).
    NOTE: If needed, user's may obtain MaxBlast from Maxtor.
  • Upgrade the system BIOS and/or Motherboard.
  • Purchase/Install an Enhanced IDE Interface (EIDE) card with an onboard BIOS that provides support for large capacity drives.

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