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3M -> Writing Audio files on DVDs ? (2/1/2005 3:06:29 AM)

Is it possible to write CD-Audio information on DVDs and using its bigger size? Nero doesn't accept such combination and asks for CD-R/RW disk. Putting WAV files to DVD in DVD-ISO mode - not working on standalone DVD player. Is is necessary to choose another program or its impossible in principle?

emperor -> RE: Writing Audio files on DVDs ? (2/1/2005 3:10:00 AM)

I don't know if you could use DVD-Audio format to insert WAV files and play them...

3M -> RE: Writing Audio files on DVDs ? (2/1/2005 3:16:50 AM)

I want to use CD-Audio format (not DVD-Audio) on DVD media. All like in creating CD-Audio disk procedure but on DVD media. That's the idea.

emperor -> RE: Writing Audio files on DVDs ? (2/1/2005 3:52:02 AM)

You cannot make CD-Audio on DVD, thats for sure, i don't know if there is a trick to burn Audio Tracks on DVD with the use of a software that can make DVD-Audio compatible discs

3M -> RE: Writing Audio files on DVDs ? (2/1/2005 4:14:04 AM)

DVD-Audio a little bit tricky. For example, Nero even doesn't have such profile. Usual file format (WAV) is not compatible with DVD-A, what is the source for such recordings? Home player should be compatible with DVD-A. All these things looks like utopia.

Iggy -> RE: Writing Audio files on DVDs ? (2/1/2005 6:17:37 AM)

There are no many players, at least below $400, that can reproduse DVD-Audio format. Also, since I bought a DVD-Audio of R.E.M, it is 6Gb. How this can fit onto a 4.7Gb? You cannot compress the audio, or even if you can there will be quality loss. In that case you need a DL disc. A DVD-Audio disc has tha same folders as a DVD-Video, AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS, but the files are in the first.

Personaly I don't know any way to burn .cda format on a DVD but in a playable format to standalone players. Only if you burn them as data compilation an your player support it. Alternatively you can convert them to high bit rate WMA or MP3, which are supported from latest players.

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