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zzappe -> CD TEXT (4/18/2003 6:33:58 AM)

Hi, I have already read the thread for the NERO CD Text bit, I have succesfully burned a CDA disk with CD Text Info, I have just bought a Sony Radio with a CD Changer and then only information that I am able to see on the radio is the Title and Artist info as to the track info only displays "NO NAME". I have checked with several CD Text players in my computer and all display Title, Artist and Track info, what am I doing wrong? All Settings of the burned disk are as NERO sugests :
- Check Write CD Text info
- Disk-at-Once selected
- Track info for each track
This is very disturbing, what can I do?

MP3Mogul -> RE: CD TEXT (4/18/2003 3:39:47 PM)

CD Text is read several ways. If the file is in the form of MP3, then Nero reads the TAG info for the artist, title, and track name. If the file is in a wave form, them Nero reads the name of the file. If this is the case.. simply name the file as such:

Ignition Remix - R. Kelly

If you have the file named as such, you will get the result you desire.

zzappe -> RE: CD TEXT (4/18/2003 6:31:18 PM)

Thank you for answering MP3MOGUL, but if I try to read (as if I were to RIP the cd) with NERO I can actually read all info in CD Text form, also with other cd text players (computer) but as soon as I put the cd in the car stereo it can read the Title of the cd and the artist name also but no info for the track's.
What can I do?

MP3Mogul -> RE: CD TEXT (4/18/2003 8:38:19 PM)

You'll have to set it up so that the filename becomes the artist name - track name that's how it's going to read it when it writes it.

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