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franz99 -> BITSETTING on Pioneer A07 ? (12/16/2004 5:26:27 AM)

I hope this is a place to ask :
if DVDinfoPro (v.3.48) supports BookType setting of DVD+R to DVD-ROM
with a Pioneer DVR-A07 writer ? (the seven, not DL writer)
or is there any firmware around (like a official PIO-DATA) which can do this ?
Thanks ...

Iggy -> RE: BITSETTING on Pioneer A07 ? (12/16/2004 9:24:34 AM)

I belive there isn't, does anyone else know something further?

franz99 -> RE: BITSETTING on Pioneer A07 ? (12/16/2004 9:36:24 AM)

Thanks again iIggy !!

but I think that I wiil buy this drive. My local store sells now this "box" version A07 for 85€ (it used to be 160€ before the A08came in...)

Iggy -> RE: BITSETTING on Pioneer A07 ? (12/16/2004 9:46:19 AM)

Where are you from? This is a little expensive.

franz99 -> RE: BITSETTING on Pioneer A07 ? (12/16/2004 10:41:52 AM)

I leave in France near Strasbourg and if I wait any longer this A07 for 85€ might desappear before Xmas and newer be ordered back in a local store ... Trough a on line shop in Paris I would get ot for 70€ or 75€ but that difference of 10€ is not worth it ...

I want a DVR-A07 because it is the last drive from Pioneer which is still able to burn
4X certified DVD-R at 1X
4X certified DVD+R at 2.4X
which are the slowest speed possible for each book type (not sure that 1X or 2.4X is the minimum for the DVD+R format)

with the A08 writer you are obliged to burn
8X certified DVD-R at a minimum speed of 4X
8X certified DVD+R at a minimum speed of 4X
and this according to what is written on Pioneer's official website
see at:
The situation might even get worse (regarding minimum speeds) with 16X certified medias and the new Pioneer A09
I supposed that (like with Cd-R's in the past) 4X certified DVD's (like Yuden T01) will soon not be available any more where I buy them.
My one-line trader in Germany does not sell anymore 4X certified Taiyo Yuden !.

You see while everybody is running after speed I publish with every new burner and firmware update the changelog for the conservation of minimum writing speed on the slowest medias available

I dont trust high speed medias and high writing speeds until we have the proof that they age as well as our "old" and now cheap 4X certified ones we have experience with. For me a proof is not what people from marketing say but what I see after years of ageing. And the 2 DVD+R double layer that I bought for a fortune did not age very well ... despite of marketing !
You see I wait for the Blu-Ray to be available for the public:
23.3 GB on a single layer !

Iggy -> RE: BITSETTING on Pioneer A07 ? (12/16/2004 4:32:48 PM)

Burning at 4X or even 8X is now safe, depending always on the media offcourse. If I were you I would go for a newer drive. A personal opinion.[:D]

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