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lonnic -> lp (or cassette) ripping (1/1/2003 6:29:26 AM)

I have hundreds of old lps, cassettes, and even 8tracks and want to rip some files from them to my computer so I can burn cds. Is there a good software program which will rip from line-in? Once the file is on the computer, I can clean it up with my existing programs.

Thanks for the help.


coasterking -> RE: lp (or cassette) ripping (1/1/2003 11:37:20 PM)

what media plyer u got?
the latest is supposed to let u record to h/drive for conversion as far as i know all u gotta do is hook up your hi-fi via the line in or mic input use sound recorder now as i say this is what i been told worth a try

Dolphinius_Rex -> RE: lp (or cassette) ripping (1/2/2003 12:59:05 AM)

cool edit is very good for this sort of thing. it's VERY powerful though!

lonnic -> RE: lp (or cassette) ripping (1/2/2003 3:56:22 AM)

I have music match jukebox. I think that I will give cool edit a go and see if I can handle it. Thanks much for the advice.


MP3Mogul -> RE: lp (or cassette) ripping (1/2/2003 5:14:19 AM)

I used MusicMatch to convert lots of LP's and cassettes. I didn't have any problems. Alot of this also depends on the quality of the sound card that you have. I utilize the Audigy MP3+ Card, it has dual processors onboard, and has sound quality of a $$$$$$ Stereo System.

rblake -> RE: lp (or cassette) ripping (1/9/2003 11:16:40 AM)

Although I've used quite a crappy sound card and Goldwave and got good results. The point is, with old cassettes and vinyls the quality coming in to the soundcard is poor (hissing, scratches, pops) that I've imported them, cleaned them up and they are still better than the originals!!!

Good luck, it's great fun!

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