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apiit -> need help!!! (9/28/2004 2:17:30 PM)

hi guys... ... im new here... ... my laptop DVD is toshiba sd2612, few days before i tried to update the firmware unlucky with a wrong one... now my DVD rom is almost dead... ... y almost leh??? because when i try to make my laptop sleep or standby, wake up it then the dvd is back... ... i tried to refresh the firmware back but it doesn't work under DOS mode... ...means in the DOS mode, i cant find the DVD rom =( , i try find some help topic about it from internet, but they all suggest to find another same DVD rom then only can save it back... ... but i think i cant find any same DVD rom around me =(, yesterday i found a software called Rflash, it can detective my DVD rom's frimware when i woke up my laptop!!! in a website called firmware page, i found a toshiba sd2612 firmware with XXX.hex =_= buuuuuuuuuut that software only support the XXX.bin... ... errrrmmmmm how leh...... what's the difference between hex file and bin file??? and can anyone help me change the hex file to bin file ah??? i really need u guys' help!!! anyway i leave the link with the hex file and wish u guys can help me change the hex file to bin file...... xie xie!!!

here is the link:sd2612==>Patched X315 RPC-1 (for drives with 13xx firmware

emperor -> RE: need help!!! (9/28/2004 2:29:15 PM)

Sorry but didn't understood correctly, your drive works or not when you try to burn CDs?

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