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dakooger -> DVD ISO size (11/19/2002 6:37:03 AM)

When i make a DVD ISO with DVD Decrypter3, i get a filesize of like over 7 gigs sometimes. How is this possible if an ordinary DVD is 4.7 gigs? Does this mean I cant burn the ISO i created on my own DVD-R with my DVD burner?

Tron -> RE: DVD ISO size (11/19/2002 7:41:41 AM)

Most DVDs are bigger than the 4.3 gig size that you need. You have to stip out stuff. Like any language you dont need and some other things. It is a lot more complicated to do that most people think. I use Decriptor, DVD2AVI, TMPGEnc, and a chapter program, Sprucup to encode and Gear to burn it.

Clint -> RE: DVD ISO size (11/19/2002 11:43:12 AM)

Theres new dual-sided DVD±R media coming soon so you could split it in 2 or something - its an option.
Just wish it were possible for dual-layer comsumer recorders... *sigh* [:(]

Clint -> RE: DVD ISO size (11/19/2002 11:44:59 AM)

Oh, or you could compress the VOB/ISO, but you would loose quality. You have to decide if you will sacrifice features for qaulity...

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