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stefsom -> Lame 3.93 released (11/18/2002 7:31:19 PM)

LAME v3.93 Changes:

Bit allocation for pre-echo control improved for single channel encodings

Substep noise shaping

Optimizations by changing data structure

Noise shaping model 2 fix

Nspsytune FIR filter clean up

Fix small psymodel bugs

Portability fixes for Tru64 UNIX

Some fixes in the DLL

Fixes for channel scaling in mono mode

Some optimizations and a faster log10 function

Some tag related fixes in the direct show filter and in the ACM codec

Fixed a mono encoding bug found by Justin Schoeman

Update to autoconf 2.53, rewrite some configure tests

Determine gcc version even with gcc 3.1

Compile shared libs on BeOS (and perhaps other arches)

Ultrasparc switches for gcc 3.1

Portability fixes for SunOS 4.x

Some fixes for VBR

MP3Mogul -> RE: Lame 3.93 released (11/19/2002 1:20:57 AM)

Great information! Thanks for the post!

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