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93vette -> Allocation Length Incorrect - Message (7/31/2004 10:59:37 AM)

Just installed a NEC ND2510 and upgraded the firmware to level 2.16.

When using DVDInfo Pro 3.07 w/ a Verbatim DVD+R 8X DVD, I receive an 'Allocation Length Incorrect' error when attempting to Fast Format the media. The same happens when using a Staples CD-R.

I am able to format the CD-R from Windows Explorer and am unable to format the DVD+R from Windows Explorer.

What does "allocation length incorrect" indicate?

Thanks, Gregg

nicw -> RE: Allocation Length Incorrect - Message (7/31/2004 5:48:49 PM)

It would seem your error is that your are trying to format +R. writeonce media cannot be formatted, only RW media can be formatted. If you are trying to format a disc in a way that makes it drag drop (packet writing) then my program will not do this for you. I also do not recommend it, in the past we have seen many problems and conflictions with packet writing software and DVDRW.

Dont be confused by the term "format" from within the erase/format window of dvdinfopro. Terms used in it are those used by the particular command being sent to the drive, think of it more as an erase, than a format, or think of it as a low-level format like scsi hard drives used to do. It prepares a RW disc for use by other software.

My error box could have probably been more descriptive, I simply return the error the system returns to me, rather than figuring out what the error may mean and building a suitable error string.

I hope this helps.

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