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kasa -> Software for audio copying (9/29/2001 10:30:30 PM)

What's the BEST software to backup audio cd's??
I tried to use eac but my cdr didn't work on it.

john -> RE: Software for audio copying (9/29/2001 11:26:08 PM)

Atually the problem is not the writing part but the reading. Just read the AudioCD with EAC and write it with any other CDR software

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Jack Fong -> RE: Software for audio copying (10/3/2001 4:23:41 AM)

Anything will do. Do a cd copy or something.

rjw -> RE: Software for audio copying (10/15/2001 4:13:34 AM)

I don't get why people are so enthousiast about EAC.
First it doesn't let you do CDS-100 and also some other vague protection.
That's why I recomend cdrwin (for cds-100 protected cds) and the edited version of cdfs.vxd file for windows with let's you rip anything direct under windows.

john -> RE: Software for audio copying (10/15/2001 7:06:58 AM)

EAC is the best ripper around. CDRWin and the CDFS.VXD driver are for other propose since they don't include ripping quality detection mechanisms.

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rjw -> RE: Software for audio copying (10/22/2001 6:13:53 AM)

But then again I check every copy twice myself. First the wav files and then when it is burned. However it is nice if the software can check this.
By the way it does matter. About which software you use for burning. Ever tried to copy the same cd with cdrwin/Adaptec's Easy Coaster Creator/Nero. Well if you burn with cdrwin you get the best result and it uses even a few seconds less space than the others.

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