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jammer -> How do I make an audio + data CD? (8/14/2002 8:57:50 AM)

I want to make an audio CD (from several CD's)...
(I want the CD to be a normal CD you can play in players.)
And I want to put data on the same CD.

How can I do this? I'm not sure...
I use Nero.

Is it possible to burn an audio CD and keep it open so that I can put data on the rest of it?

Any help would be appreciated.



MP3Mogul -> RE: How do I make an audio + data CD? (8/14/2002 5:04:21 PM)


You have the right program. Use nero to accomplish your task. Select CD Extra and follow the menus, this will allow you to write both data and music to the same CD. Almost forgot another part of your question: Yes you can use songs from multiple CD's. You will need to convert them to either wave format or mp3 format prior to writing, this will ease the process. You can use any wave creating program, EAC is a fantastic program for this as well as Music Match. Once you have your wave/MP3's simply use the CD Extra function and follow the steps, and you'll have that masterpiece created in no time.

- Certified Audiophile -

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