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lo-kut -> bad sound in end of tracks (5/21/2002 5:21:03 AM)

hello there..... i have a big problem with my samsung cd-rw sw-208b drive. wichever ripping program i use to rip any cd i have the same problem.
in the end of a track i can hear either the start of next track or something a bit before the end of the track (depends on wich ripping program). this sound is mostly over another sound, so i can't just cut it away.
this also occurs on playback of a cd (i can olny use digital playback, the soundcard has no analog cd input). so it seems that it is a problem with the cd, not the program...

this is of course a big problem, it makes it impossible to rip cds....

hope anyone can help...

john -> RE: bad sound in end of tracks (5/21/2002 5:36:11 AM)

Try EAC to rip the tracks

Visit - The Recording Authority

lo-kut -> RE: bad sound in end of tracks (5/22/2002 4:38:47 AM)

actually, thats what i use

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