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pete7769 -> dvd audio (5/4/2002 9:19:41 AM)

i have seen a piece of software that will allow you to record mp3's onto a standard cdr and then play them on either a pc or a dvd player, the difference is that it compresses the songs and you can fit 7 hours of audio on one disc?? has anyone tried this and what software can do this??

thanks pete

MP3Mogul -> RE: dvd audio (5/4/2002 10:52:47 AM)


I've been doing that for quite some time. I use MusicMatch Jukebox for burning my mp3 cd's. As for the DVD playing the MP3's it will work on any DVD player that supports MP3s. The DVD must support it because it has to have a decoder to play the MP3's. I use an APEX brand dvd player for this, as it has nice on screen controls for playing the MP3s. Also, you can get about 10 hours of 128K MP3's on a 800MB CDR. You can get MusicMatch at musicmatch.com


SiD -> RE: dvd audio (5/8/2002 8:31:48 AM)

G'Day Pete,

MP3Mogul's advice to you is a very hard act to follow as MusicMatch Jukebox has all you need to create and burn Mp3's. However, Audiograbber and EAC are straight out conversion programmes only and with the correct configurations can produce the highest quality MP3's.

A great site if you are new to all this and have a spare hour or two is Encoding Heaven. Even for the experienced users there is always the odd trick or two that can be learnt at this site.

Personally, I much prefer encoding my WAV files from CD's into 256kbit MP3's, as playing them through a DVD Standalone Player hooked up to a superb HiFi System, is quite noticeable when comparing against 128kbit MP3's. Avoid at all cost encoding MP3's as 'Joint Stereo', always encode as 'Stereo'.

Good Luck!


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