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Break -> XP and clone CD (3/14/2002 8:30:42 AM)

I don't know if this has to do with XP.
I am trying to copy a music cd using clonyxl and clonecd. It doesn't report any errors and plays fine on my computer. But when I try to play it on my stereo or in the car it plays most of the first song and then starts to sort of skate over the cd. Plays the songs realy quick and and choppy.

I am running XP Pro and using a HP 9300i burner. My CD drive is a Creative 52

Any suggestions

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DONKY -> RE: XP and clone CD (3/15/2002 12:37:39 AM)

Hi, CloneCD is a great program, but I prefer to use Nero to backup Audio it has a very user friendly wizard and I have never had any problems with it. (This is my personal choice for audio) I usually copy on the fly @16 x speed…Hope this info is of some use to you …..
Good Luck….


Tron -> RE: XP and clone CD (3/16/2002 10:21:32 PM)

Try to slow down the read and write speed. Audio CDs are picky

Visit www.cdrtimes.net too. Another great place....

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