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pitbuddha -> Pops between songs in DAO (3/1/2002 1:13:32 PM)

I'm using a Sony Spressa 8x4x24 writer to create audio CDs from .wav files. Every time before this last one, it has worked great, writing in Disc at Once mode. This time I'm getting a loud digital pop in-between tracks in DAO mode. When I tried it in Track at Once mode, no pops, just pauses. TAO is unacceptable because it's a live concert, and some of the songs run together.
I edit each file in soundforge, and I fade the beginning and end of each song to silence, in order to avoid just this kind of thing. There are no pops when I play the .wav files on the pc.
The only thing that's different this time is the audio was extracted from CD to .wav by someone else, whereas I usually extract it myself. Any advice would be very helpful! Thanks!

Bald Eagle -> RE: Pops between songs in DAO (3/22/2002 9:54:06 AM)

You have probably answered your question when you state that someone else ripped it.

Maybe their software or hardware is not as good as yours.

I have found this with some MP3s ripped by other people using unknown software.

I have added a split second of silence (1/1000 sec)at the start of each track, using Goldwave Editor, to cure popping in the past.
Combined with your fade in/out, this might help

I use Musicmatch for ripping direct to MP3 or Wav & have no problems.

Can you find out what was used to rip the defective files?

Bald Eagle

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