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Adit18 -> Audio CD Protection! Please Help (2/12/2002 7:59:57 AM)

I bought a CD ysterday and tried to copy it exactly as I have successfully been doing for ages - Clone CD; read subchannel data from audio tracks- CHECKED, everything else unchecked.

When I write the image to a blank, the CD display timer jumps wildly and the majority of the time the tack starts about 9 seconds in rather than at the beginning. This is only happening a few few tracks, and only on those few tracks.

I've tried the whole read/write process a few times, producing the exact same result.

I know I could try ripping the cd CD track by track then writing, but that would take a lot of time.

Does anyone know why this ishappening? I've never had problems copying audio CDs in the past, even ones with two sessions.


john -> RE: Audio CD Protection! Please Help (2/12/2002 8:08:07 PM)

Try with latest EAC to rip the disc

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Adit18 -> RE: Audio CD Protection! Please Help (2/22/2002 9:51:28 AM)

John, thanks for the reply.

Are you suggesting I need to rip the tracks individually or can EAC make an image file of the whole disc?


john -> RE: Audio CD Protection! Please Help (2/22/2002 10:36:18 AM)

Just rip the contents and re-burn CD without the second session

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