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redline -> Movies to CD and to VCR (11/19/2001 1:43:20 PM)

Several questions.

I have heard that folks can get a full movie on a standard 700MB CD,

I Have an ATI TV tuner & it's great. After I record something,I know I can put it on CD.Approx 1Hr=640MB.How can I get this recorded to my

Last Q,Can a standard CD Burner record on a one of the smaller Cd's? I think the are called "Pocket CD" ?

On these CD's I make,requires a DVD drive for playback.Anyway to playback using a std CD drive? Any software for that?


jb0395 -> RE: Movies to CD and to VCR (11/20/2001 2:20:41 AM)

you shoulda got an ati all in wonder instead of just the tv tuner. Its a graphics card as well as a tv tuner , your graphics card needs to support tv out like the all in wonder to be able to recorde stuff on a vcr.

xinga99 -> RE: Movies to CD and to VCR (11/22/2001 6:01:25 PM)

No offend but i think you need to do alot of reading, but here some quick answer to your question.

Answer #1
It depend on the movie leght, and the format you use on the CD. There two format you can put on the CD: VCD and SVCD of course SVCD it a better format, but it take more space, the whole CD it about 74min or 80min so you can figure that out if the movie it fix on the CD(the lenght of the movie itself).

Answer #2
You need the card can handle TV out put, and the software that can capture the video(most Video card you buy it come with the software you can capture your movie video).
Once you have the card can handle the TV out connect the output to your VCR record(in) there you go, now you can copy from DVD or VCD to your VCR.

Anwer #3
I have never try it, but to my knowledge, every media have it own recorder, for example DA(digital audio)you can't record that media with your CDR drive from computer or DVD etc. Maybe it will work you can try like you do CDR copy, if it not work then you know right away.

Good Luck

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