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barbie820 -> Burnt cd won't allow files to open (1/6/2009 7:24:59 AM)

my assistant principal burned a cd to back up an administrative computer before it was reimaged. We double checked that the cd worked and then the computer was reimaged.
When we tried to put the data back on the machine, the disc would open, the files are visible but they won't open. 

I tried copying them to the desktop but  i get a messsage saying "Cannot copy file name: cannot read from the source file or disk."  they are definitely files and not shortcuts.  if i try to change the attributes,  i get an errot message saying access denied.

I don't know which program was used to make the disc.   my assistant prinicipal thinks it was roxio but we are on sure.  what should i do to be able to use these files again?  they are excel, word, some jpegs, ppt, and m4a.  Thank you. 

SithTracy -> RE: Burnt cd won't allow files to open (1/6/2009 8:10:33 AM)

Take a look at IsoBuster to see if you can use that to extract the data from the CD.

barbie820 -> RE: Burnt cd won't allow files to open (1/6/2009 5:01:02 PM)

i actually tried isobuster already.  i was hoping there was something else i could do.[:(]

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