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dmxland -> CD Wierdness/numpty burner!!! (8/22/2008 6:15:21 AM)

Hey guys an gals,
(this might come over as a bit long winded) I bought a car recently c1998 that has a hifi thats the absolute dogs b*ll*x fitted as standard (4x100w dolby surround yada yada yada) The problem I have is its lack of compatibility with new cds that i have burnt from my cd drive on my laptop which is only 18 months old.
The irritating thing is that I found a cd that I burnt recently on the laptop that works fine in the car. Is there a program that will investigate and report the propereties of the cd, the burn speed the format etc of cds so i can compare the cds that dont work with the one that does work so i can tell the difference and solve this problem?
I looked at this problem on the forum of the car that i bought an the solution that they suggest is to try and find blank cds that are from 1998!!!Hens teeth or what!!
Thanks guys,

MP3Mogul -> RE: CD Wierdness/numpty burner!!! (8/22/2008 1:16:36 PM)

Get some quality media such as Verbatim, this should resolve your problem.

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