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glazenuts69 -> flac to .wav (1/11/2008 1:43:29 AM)

I have some FLAC files I want to play in the car(pioneer cd player) and in the house(yamaha cd player) I tried the using dbPOwer amp with the db-bass source and river audio to conver to .Wav. while they play on the computer they wont play on my home yamaha player. It sees the tracks and plays but no sound is heard. Can you help me?
Thank you for your time,

SithTracy -> RE: flac to .wav (1/11/2008 7:26:48 AM)

You need to create a CD-DA disc from the WAV's or FLAC files... Not a data CD containg them, which is what I think you are doing... or you are not closing the disc.  Try Burrrn... it's free and can make audio CD's like you are looking for.

glazenuts69 -> RE: flac to .wav (1/11/2008 10:31:39 AM)

Thanks for the reply,

I used Nero 7 trying to create the disc both as an audio and data disc with the same results. I used settings, no multisession/DAO.

Thank you for your time,

SithTracy -> RE: flac to .wav (1/11/2008 2:36:32 PM)

Make sure you are creating an audio CD and make sure you close the disc... whay kind of media are you writing to?

glazenuts69 -> RE: flac to .wav (1/11/2008 7:53:20 PM)


Thanks for trying to help me. Doesn't selecting no multisession/DAO close the disc? I 'm using Ridata and TY media.

SithTracy -> RE: flac to .wav (1/11/2008 9:48:55 PM)

No, there should be a check box to finalize the disc... MP3Mogul... I don't use Nero anymore... can you enlighten this gentleman?  I think it was on the burn tab and was a check box to "Finalize"/Close the disc....

MP3Mogul -> RE: flac to .wav (1/12/2008 3:53:35 PM)

Yes, depending on what version, finalize could be greyed out if you have selected no multisession, otherwise, depending on the version, there could be a tick to select for finalize.

glazenuts69 -> RE: flac to .wav (1/13/2008 2:22:31 PM)

I figured out what the problem was, Doh! I was burning a DBL CD 90min of data to a 99min cd. I thought since the playler saw the tracks and the amount of time on the disc it would play, NOT!!! I tried burning 1 of the cd's to a 700mb cdr and it played.
Thanks to the forum members who assisted in solving my problem. I tried Burrrn and like the simpicity of burning MP3 to .Wav. and will continue to use it for music.

Thanks again,

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