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blugrassboy -> Hills Have Eyes 2 (No Sound) (8/20/2007 11:05:06 PM)

Hello all!   Nice Forum You Got Here.  If Ya'll Could Help, I'd Sure Appreciate It! 

I'm Using One Click DVD Copy Pro, And It Uses Nero For Burning.   Now I Have Used This Many Times Before With No Problems.  (And My Decryptor Is  "Any DVD" From Slysoft).   I Just Burned TWO Movies With NO Problems, And As I Said, Many Before.  But I Tried HHE2 Last Week, And Again Tonight.   The First Two Movies Burned Good, And Then I Tried HHE2 AGAIN, And No Sound.  The Intros (Coming Attractions) Have Audio, And The Menu As Well.  So I'm Sure The Settings For Audio Are Correct.  Can Someone Please Give Me Some Clue To What I'm Doing Wrong Here?   (A Decryption?  "Any DVD" Is Usually Pretty Good At Decoding).......Any One Else Have Trouble With This Particular Flick?  

(Thanks For Your Help!!)   [:D]

SithTracy -> RE: Hills Have Eyes 2 (No Sound) (8/21/2007 9:49:54 AM)

Try DVDFab HD Decrypter (free version) and see if you get similar results.  You might need to joing the Slysoft forum and report your issues there.  I don't own that movie so I am not in a position to try it with either... I do own both AnyDVD and DVDFab Platinum... one of them should work.

Are you burning with CloneDVD?  Nero?  ImgBurn?  What kind of media are you using and what is your drive?

Extract the DVD Files and see if you can playback on the PC with sound.

blugrassboy -> RE: Hills Have Eyes 2 (No Sound) (8/21/2007 10:15:45 PM)

Okay, I Have Looked  All Over My PC For Some Sort Of Temporary Files Of The Movie, To No Avail.  I Was Pretty Sure OneClickDVD Made A Temporary Or Back Up File.  I Found The Folder, But Nothing There. 

Nero Is What I Am Burning With.  And The Medias Match Up (DVD+R Disc With A DVD+R Drive). 

I'm Gonna Do A Spyware Scan, And See If Maybe That Has SOMETHING To Do With.  If Not, Then I Will Install DVDFab.  Thank You For Your Help.  And The Speedy Response![:D]

Another Question;  When My Different Softwares Need Updating, I Never Let Them Update, Thinking It Has Some New "Narc" Program In It.  I Only Back Up My Hard Copy Movies I BUY In The Store, So I Dont Fear Getting Caught, Just Figure I Dont Need The Hassle, And If The Programs I Used All This Time Hasnt Raised Any Red Flags, "Why Fix It If It Aint Broke?" 

Im Sure The Program Update Has Old Issues Worked Out, But If It Worked Before, It Should Work Now......

Thanks So Much!!!

(Should I Be Looking For Temp Files Or Back On My PC OneClickDVD Fans????)

MP3Mogul -> RE: Hills Have Eyes 2 (No Sound) (8/22/2007 3:02:04 PM)

None of the programs listed above have any "NARC" info in them.

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