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Aarbyy -> How... normalize Nero digital audio tracks? (7/17/2006 2:51:24 AM)

Hello all. I've been experimenting a little with my Nero Ultra 6. Heck, I paid enough for it. I think I should be experimenting with it. It clearly does a lot. I've gotten a lot of use out of it, but I have only utilized a tiny fraction of what it can do.

I wanted to burn an audio dvd with Nero, because I thought I could have a disc with 'lots' of good quality 'normalized' audio tracks. If there's a way to do it, I don't see it. And it surprises me. The first time around, I was looking for the usual properties dialog (which I see when making a regular audio cd), but was presented with something else. I clicked on it because I was looking for info as much as anything. It said 'file priority'. I couldn't undo it and I had done a lot of work loading a lot of tracks into the compilation pane, so I left it and burned it, all the while looking for the opportunity to normalize the tracks. All the track names disappeared when I clicked on medium priority and in the place of each track was the total number of tracks, namely '51'.

On the second go around, I didn't touch that. I liked the result, with one glaring exception. The inability to normalize the tracks is definitely a drawback. Many parts of the dvd sound fine (I'm playing it my Philips 642 which is hooked up to my cheapo RCA stereo), but then you hit that one track that goes way up in volume (so far). I'm still listening to this dvd for the first time as I type.

Any hints or info would be greatly appreciated. I am aware that there is a program called MP3 Gain. I nabbed it some time ago but couldn't figure out how to use it. I'd be happy to use something like that, even though I like the idea of utilizing the large capacity of a dvd to make a normalized audio dvd. You can't have everything. (My luck is such that I don't have any friends who are into audio the way I am. They are far more technically savvy than I am when it comes to computers and internet and web design, but they just don't do what I'm trying to do.)

Thanks in advance.

MP3Mogul -> RE: How... normalize Nero digital audio tracks? (7/17/2006 6:08:42 AM)

So you have made an "MP3" disc on a DVD, not an audio DVD.

For this task (I do the same thing you have done), I use MusicMatch.  It will normalize the MP3 tracks themselves, and it's also freeware.

Aarbyy -> RE: How... normalize Nero digital audio tracks? (7/17/2006 12:23:36 PM)

Thanks MP3 Mogul. I'll look at that. It's just a shame that this pricey program I'm using, does a thousand things but not some of the few simple things I'd like it to do.

I just now popped in to the Musicmatch site. Reading the information, I find no reference to burning to DVD. I don't want to download and install this if it doesn't do something that my Nero doesn't do. Are you sure about the burning to DVD feature MP3Mogul?

MP3Mogul -> RE: How... normalize Nero digital audio tracks? (7/17/2006 5:59:13 PM)

You don't use the MusicMatch to burn to DVD.  It's a jukebox, although it will burn to DVD.

You are making an MP3 Compilation on DVD right?

Use MusicMatch to normalize your tracks, it will normalize the MP3's "before" you burn!

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