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zkemper -> System Error (6/30/2006 3:59:05 PM)

I dont know how it happend but I got a message on my F10 Toshiba Gigabeat it says, No system found on hdd and I try to use the gbsystem folder on my cd but it says the folder is empty and it set to show hidden files as well. I have no idea how to fix it I cant access my mp3 til its fixed. Ive done the gbsystem thing before and it worked but it dosnt work now. If anyone can send me the files that would be great.

peligro -> RE: System Error (7/4/2006 7:01:53 PM)

Listen I ve had the very same problem with my F20. I have an error messagge saying that there is no system found. Did you find any solutions to it?

zkemper -> RE: System Error (7/8/2006 5:24:39 PM)

i know how to fix yur system error its the gbsytem in yur software you right click on yur gigabeat room and open it up and find gbsytem folder drag and drop into yur gigabeat on your my computer screen

Kate -> RE: System Error (7/16/2006 8:31:04 AM)

i have a problem with my gigabeat it says no sistem found on hdd , i tryed to drop the folder gbsystem to gigabeat folder but it doesnt work. it helped me when i did it for the first time bud now it doesnt help. what to do?[8|]

strigiformes -> RE: System Error (9/13/2006 6:30:38 AM)

Dear zkemper,

I have a F20 Toshiba Gigabeat...

I got the same problem with Error Code 00200060 as "NO SYSTEM FOUND ON HDD"... I have received this message while I was changing the theme of the screen...

If you have succeded to solve your problem, please let me know about that...

Thanks in advance...

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