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Deej -> tiny gaps between audio tracks (4/25/2006 11:49:54 PM)

I use a mixing program (MixMeister) to make mixes and when I put labels where I want a break, this program burns cd's flawlessly with no noticable switching at all between tracks...


1)when i tell it to break the mix in tracks of mp3 files and save on HD or,
2)when i make one long file and cut it myself with a cue file and the program cue splitter or any other program or
3) even used the flawless CD and rip the songs off there,

and use burning software with no gaps, you can still hear that tick between tracks, it's very quick.. but very noticable, like a short hiccup.

But this is whats happening..
I've noticed all these splitting programs, theres like a .035 millasecond gap at the end and beginning of each track... i don't know why programs (cue splitter, audio grabber, mixmeister, etc.) do this, but i've gotten rid of this millasecond gap in Sound Forge and the "tick" between tracks is faintly noticable.. but still there...

Heres another funny thing, i edited the gaps out of the mp3s in Sound Forge, but when i used Winamp to convert mp3 to wav it added the frickin gaps again!!

I'm burning DAO with a Plextor DVD-R PX-716A
I've tried burning with Nero and Real Player with same results.

Is there any way or program that can do some professional work here?

My main goal is to make mp3 files so i can send my mix to my friends online and they can burn the cd with no "ticks" between tracks.


emperor -> RE: tiny gaps between audio tracks (5/5/2006 7:00:09 AM)

WinAMP makes the GAP, i think there is an option to remote it (Within WinAMP), but if you burn DAO there is no gap left when playback at normal CD players

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