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Aarbyy -> Crossfading w Nero 6 Ultra didn't work -? (4/1/2006 9:32:42 PM)

Well, It looks utterly simple. But it didn't work. I'm hoping it's still utterly simple and perhaps just a step that I need to take that Nero failed to indicate clearly.

I have yet to play around with my Sound Trax and fully intend to. But in the meantime - I knew I had seen this before - I discovered the option when burning audio tracks with Nero to 'crossfade'. At first I thought I misunderstood what 'crossfade' meant. Then I asked someone at work and they confirmed for me that it simply means having the end of one audio track overlap the beginning of another.

When I selected that option and filled in the field that asks you for the amount of overlap, ei, how many seconds, I thought that I just selected too short an overlap to finish. But after three tries, with my final effort including a 15 second overlap, it became clear to me that the crossfading simply wasn't working.

Can anyone clue me in here?

I have a fully paid version that I bought online.

Thanks in advance.

*I'm still blown away by the way that my hour glass icon flashes rapidly on this site. And the back button doesn't work. And the whatchamacallit that blinks on and off where you're typing disappears sometimes. Is this just something that everyone likes?! I know a site has to generate revenues. But gosh!

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