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splumer -> Static on music CD's. Help! (3/13/2006 9:22:53 AM)

Hello. I'm new to the forums but a long-time CD-R user. Lately I've been experiencing static noise on CD's that I've burned. They start out sounding fine, but by about the fourth track the static starts, and gets worse and worse, eventually causing the track to stop and start. The problem seems to be confined to CD-R's made by CMC Magnetics, which AFAIK, includes Imation, HP and (much to my chagrin) TDK -branded CD-R's. The static is most noticeable in my car CD player, but also on other players. The CD's were burned with Feurio on a TEAC W54e internal CD-R drive that's seen a lot of use.

I guess my questions are: what causes the static? What brands of CD-R's are made by CMC? (I tried their web site and HP was the only brand mentioned) What about Sony? I've never had any trouble with them, but who makes them? The consensus seems to be that Mitsui makes the best CD-R's, but they're not available at your average retail outlet, so which commonly available brands should I look for? Thanks a lot.


SithTracy -> RE: Static on music CD's. Help! (3/13/2006 3:31:25 PM)

Usually Fuji (Japan) are Taiyao Yuden discs and Verbatim make good ones.  Personally, If your drive is used that much, it seems it is time to replace it.  Also, Feurio has not been updated in a very long time.  Seems development has stopped on that product.

splumer -> RE: Static on music CD's. Help! (3/13/2006 4:46:47 PM)

Thanks for the info. I actually had some Fujis in my hand at the store today, but didn't get 'em. I think I will get some now, though, and see how they work. I tried a bunch of other different brands of CD-R in my car player on my way home today (Fuji, KHyper, Ridata, Sony) and they all worked fine. Of course, they were made much earlier than my current crop, so it could indeed by the burner. What's weird is that even tracks that get serious static rip fine. I use Exact Audio Copy for ripping, which logs any read errors, and 99 time out of 100, there are no errors. If the Fujis screw up then I'll replace the burner. I only paid $8 for it (Ebay), so it's not a big issue. Thanks again.

SithTracy -> RE: Static on music CD's. Help! (3/13/2006 6:56:26 PM)

Just curious.  What kind of rig do you have?  Since you seem to focus on CD-R's, I suspect it may be dated.  I have used EAC for sometime so I am fairly confident you can rule that out... I am sure the wav files play fine.  I know I used to get static on audio discs if I was multitasking and burning on my old Pentium III 800MHz on an ASUS P3B-F (BX Chipset) with a Yamaha burner.

splumer -> RE: Static on music CD's. Help! (3/14/2006 8:14:07 AM)

P3 400, 192M RAM, uh, can't think of what else to tell you. Like I said, I use Feurio to burn because it's free, as well as EAC for ripping and MKWACT for .shn file conversion.

Before I bid on my current burner (TEAC W54e), I researched it on the 'net and read probably a dozen reviews of it, and all of them were favorable. Plus, I use TEAC and Tascam (the professional end of their company) stuf at work, and have always been really happy with it.

I got some Maxell blanks last night, and I'm gonna try them today (gotta download something first, though). I'll let you know how they turn out. Funny thing is, though, the static first happened over a year ago, and that was at least 100 CD-R's ago. Yeah, I download a lot of music. is a great thing.

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