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terrym -> LiteOn 1633S Problem (3/6/2006 7:00:14 AM)

I am experiencing very slow write speeds with a LiteOn 1633S DVD burner. For a CD (600Mb at 48X), it takes about 8-9 minutes and for a DVD (4Gb at about 8X), it takes about 20 minutes. I use DVD +R and the drive is rated at 16X.
I have been looking in the System to see if it might be some kind of hardware issue and this is what I found:
Primary IDE Channel
Device 0 - DMA if available - Ultra DMA Mode 5 - Hard Disk
Device 1 - DMA if available - Ultra DMA Mode 5 - Hard Disk

Secondary IDE Channel
Device 0 - DMA if avail. - PIO Mode - Liteon SOHW 1633S (problem?)
Device 1 - DMA if avail. - Ultra DMA Mode 2 - Liteon LTD 163D (OK)

I use an AMD 2000+ with 512Mb ram, XP SP2 and fully updated.
I have also checked that I am using an 80wire IDE cable and it is connected properly. The Liteon 1633S is set to Master and the Liteon 163D is set to Slave.
Does anyone know what my problem might be?

MP3Mogul -> RE: LiteOn 1633S Problem (3/6/2006 3:49:12 PM)

Yes, delete your secondary IDE channel and reboot.... let windows reinstall it automatically and check to see if it is now DMA

terrym -> RE: LiteOn 1633S Problem (3/6/2006 5:15:06 PM)

Hi MP3Mogul

Thanks very much for that. It works a treat and the DVD writer's mode is now Ultra DMA Mode 4. So I will have to check now to see if the burn times are better, which they should be.

Thanks again

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