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JoeCanuck -> NEC ND-6650A DVD+-RW Firmware...Which? (2/28/2006 12:36:58 AM)

Good Day.  I have this drive in a Dell XPS2 laptop.  It came stock with the unit.  I just tried, for the first time, to burn some dvd's.  With the stock Sonic software, it only shows me burning at 4x speeds....without giving me the option of 8x, which, I believe, it's supposed to be able to do.  I'm using Benq 8x DVD+R media. 

I'm wondering if this is a firmware issue.  I have no idea....I'm talking none, zip, nada....about flashing firmware or even if this might be the issue.

I've checked the properties of the drive and, I believe, the firmware version is 102c. 

Any help, ideas or suggestions would be super.


emperor -> RE: NEC ND-6650A DVD+-RW Firmware...Which? (3/9/2006 5:10:58 AM)

i think that has several 6650 firmware available

Toshibaer -> RE: NEC ND-6650A DVD+-RW Firmware...Which? (3/11/2006 9:37:53 AM)

You should try different media.

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