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katgirl -> help GCC 4521B firmware (12/28/2005 7:32:49 PM)

LG-GCC 4521B firmware i have a cd-rewriter and dvd rom i went to their site d/l GCC-4521B_106.exe thinkin it was ok i installed it now its burning(wasnt before i did this only wanted to burn CD-RW) now it will burn cdrs but only at 48 speed not 52 and im having alot of bad burns....did i get the wrong firmware for this LG there was like 3-4 there to pick from for my to this so bare with me...and if its the wrong one does anyone know what one is the right one and can it be installed over this? HELP..tkx!!!!!!!

Antonio -> RE: help GCC 4521B firmware (12/29/2005 4:22:56 AM)

Check here for firmware:

katgirl -> RE: help GCC 4521B firmware (12/29/2005 7:40:01 AM)

im not sure how to use that..will it make the rom work properly if i do..i just bought the thing was going to bring it back cause all im doing is wasting cdrs now, for every burn maybe 4/10 will burn, my regular LG burner had no problems at all...

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