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vstr -> How to make DVD/CD rotate slower? (12/5/2005 6:05:15 AM)


i got this idea cause curently im not having stereo or some cd player so i play all my cds (which im buying) in my DVD RW drive...every time i put cd into DVD RW sounds like it's rotating it as fast as it can so cds are warm when i put em out...dont know can it harm the medium even that didn't happen till now...second reason i wanted to do that is cause when im listening to music on lower volume i always hear sound of DVD drive in what i want is just that it be slower when i put audio cd into it...many thanks for your replays!


vstr -> RE: How to make DVD/CD rotate slower? (12/5/2005 8:28:41 AM)

i did it !! : )

if any of you have the same problem you can solve it like this...install nero or some other smilar application (but im not sure cause im using nero only) and open nero toolkit ...there's a aplication named Nero DriveSpeed which can set desired speed for each drive if you have more than one...there are options like "Silent" and "Fastest" or you can put custom speed such as 10x, 24x,.....that's it!! bye!


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