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zenith -> are F1-ZE and F1-E related? (10/31/2003 2:11:48 PM)

Hi again, i bought my yamaha in the states and overthere they got 3 different drives for internal IDE F1: f1-ze, f1-zen, f1-bee. And when u go to the american website the latest firmware they have is 1.0d whereas in the europe site the latest firmware is 1.0g but its for the f1-e.
can i use that firmware on my american yamaha? or definitely a bad idea?

MP3Mogul -> RE: are F1-ZE and F1-E related? (11/1/2003 12:34:09 AM)

Yes you can use that firmware, the difference in the drives is the faceplate, and basically, internal, external, or IDE with SCSI adapter.

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