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pit -> New AOPEN 2440 (10/24/2001 3:43:47 AM)

The new 2440 seems to have arrived:
The Firmwarelink is same wrong as new firmware for 2040 f122.
But both should arrive next days.


john -> RE: New AOPEN 2440 (10/24/2001 10:21:59 AM)

Yes..links are down for now.

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pit -> RE: New AOPEN 2440 (10/25/2001 4:37:58 AM)

Links are up:


Priest -> RE: New AOPEN 2440 (10/25/2001 8:15:29 AM)


has someone tried to update the 2040 up to 2440 by the Firmware 1.00?



CDR Overclocker -> RE: New AOPEN 2440 (10/25/2001 11:07:45 AM)

A weird dream of o/c 16x to 24x comes true!

Priest -> RE: New AOPEN 2440 (10/25/2001 12:31:13 PM)


A weird dream of o/c 16x to 24x comes true!


i have updated my 2040 to 2440, but he doesn't work. The burner is recognized by the system as 2440, but he can't read any CD. If I try, the system hangs completly.

what is wrong?

Cu P.

pit -> RE: New AOPEN 2440 (10/25/2001 1:28:33 PM)

I tried to upgrade and had no success too.
Same, flash is ok, but 2440 can't read any CDRom
Maybe this firmware is beta.
At AOPEN Http-Site the Firmware links are still incorrect.

jase -> RE: New AOPEN 2440 (10/25/2001 4:00:04 PM)

Or maybe the drives are not the same at all. I oc'd my 1632 to 2040 and although it worked, discs produced at 20x were all bad (would not read well past 10 minutes). When I took it apart the board very clearly said 1632 on it.

My suspicion is that these drives were only *similar* to each other and true overclocking is not possible.

cbqfly -> RE: New AOPEN 2440 (11/4/2001 9:41:22 AM)

how did you guys even get it to flash to the new 2440 firmware? every time i tried i got the message something like ***NG***NG*** cannot update different type or something like that

pit -> RE: New AOPEN 2440 (11/4/2001 12:59:06 PM)

See postings to AOPEN 1632

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