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Dethroner -> Suggestion: Booktype setting other than DVD-ROM (7/5/2005 6:43:00 AM)

I have a suggestion related to DVDInfoPro's Booktype selection functionality.
Currently DVDInfoPro allows to bitset DVD+R(W) as DVD-ROM only while the standard also allows to bitset them as DVD-R(W). But sometimes bitsetting DVD+R(W) as DVD-R(W) is more useful than DVD-ROM.

Here goes an example. I have recently burned a few DVD+R disks for usage with Panasonic RV-31 set top DVD player. The player works with DVD-R(W) just fine, but refuses to play DVD+R(W) media. Changing booktype of "+" media to DVD-ROM makes situation slightly better: the player recognizes the media but has hard time reading it. It usually gives up at least once trying to read the disk content, but succeeds after a few retries (open/close tray). The problem has been solved by bitsetting the disks as DVD-R, the player reads disks burned with this setting without problems. I assume that it uses different laser parameters when dealing with recordable media and DVD-ROM, that's why it recognizes DVD+R disks bitset as DVD-R much better than ones bitset as DVD-ROM.

To bitset the disks AS DVD-R, I have changed the booktype setting of my drive using BinFlashGui, but it does not support temporary settings. And DVDInfoPro does not recognize the DVD-R bitsetting, it just displays an empty box alongside of DVD+R position.

Taking the above said into account, I suggest to add an ability to select booktypes other than DVD-ROM in DVDInfoPro.


nicw -> RE: Suggestion: Booktype setting other than DVD-ROM (7/6/2005 5:09:58 AM)


I totally agree and always have done where I could.  The NU drive for example allows book type to be set to anything you want.  The very first drive I did was the Ricoh and I also added all booktypes and got flamed for it,  by some self professed know-it-all over at dvdplusrw forum,  but I persisted in adding all I could.   Many other drives however are limited to certain book types.  Your post does not say which drive,  but I assume the NEC.   I seem to recall when I first did the NEC I added other book types,   but NEC wrote to me and asked me to remove other book types.

However I agree with you its better they are in there.  So I will try to find the docs NEC sent me and if I can do I will add it back in.

I am current doing some major re-writing of some classes,  and I will add this into that work.   It maybe a while before its complete,  but hopefully by next version (4.23)


Dethroner -> RE: Suggestion: Booktype setting other than DVD-ROM (7/6/2005 7:59:51 AM)

Sorry, I have forgotten to mention the drive. You are right, it's NEC, ND-3500AG to put it precisely.

Regards and thanks for your effort.

nicw -> RE: Suggestion: Booktype setting other than DVD-ROM (7/6/2005 9:04:12 AM)

Ok you are in luck.  The code was still there I just commented it out.  So I actually have a version to test here.  Contact me direct.  Zebra and others will also test in the next few days.  If and when its ok,  we will do either an interim release,  or will supply this version to those who want it until the next release.


tqhoang -> RE: Suggestion: Booktype setting other than DVD-ROM (7/6/2005 6:42:54 PM)

Any idea if this will work on NEC ND-25x0 drives too?

nicw -> RE: Suggestion: Booktype setting other than DVD-ROM (7/8/2005 6:20:43 AM)


I should work with any NEC drive that has the commands.  Try it,  and or head on over to and grab a maddog fw for the drive.

OK.  Folks,

The change requested by Dethroner is working.  I have tested it on my 3500AG and it seems to work fine.  It will be out in the next release V4.23.  Those interested in testing it can email me for a beta test version.  email

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