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Aarby -> Nero 6 Ultra (6/26/2005 11:56:58 PM)

Hello all. There doesn't seem to be a topic area to discuss specific programs like Nero 6 Ultra. Forgive me if I'm mistaken.

To a large extent Nero 6 Ultra is useful. It certainly needs to be polished, however. It's still a little bit clumsy. And no, I'm no expert with this kind of software. On the contrary.

I've experimented with burning a few photo slideshow cds. One thing that I don't understand is how I could go throw all of the pics, using HP photo printing software, sharpening all of the pics (my Canon PowerShot A75 produces frustratingly fuzzy pics) and saving them, and still find them looking fuzzy when I load them into Nero's 'asset' window, prior to creating my slideshow.

Anyhow, There are options, including sharpening and softening options, for each of the images selected for the slideshow filmstrip. But they are confusing. If you alter a pic and then choose to alter it further after viewing it in the view pane, when you return to the sharpening (for example) button, it's on 5, where it was when you first applied sharpening to the selected pic. What's more, When I played the slideshow and stopped it on various pics, and then highlighted the corresponding pic on the film strip, the sharpening I applied, and 'saved', earlier then appears. If it was applied and saved, then why isn't it showing up when I preview my slideshow?

Unrelated to that little problem, My program crashes completely when I'm going through the final preview just prior to burning. I can click on the 'stop' button on the remote control representation and then simply click on 'next' to get to the burning stage, But this is unsettling.

And I haven't attached video to my expermental slideshow projects yet, because unlike with the stills and audio, which were easy to do and which it was easy to see how everything fit together, all I see in the section that allows you to attach video clips is that and nothing more. But I'm just going to do it and see what happens.

If there are any users of Nero 6 Ultra out there who'd like to comment on my main problem, involving the supposedly 'saved' pics in the slideshow filmstrip, Please feel free. And thanks in advance.


Aarby -> RE: Nero 6 Ultra (6/27/2005 12:03:29 AM)

Why was my post automatically edited to create links in my post. If I don't put links in my post, then I don't want someone else to. Is that not reasonable? Sheesh!

I'm also puzzled about why I couldn't use the 'reply' nor 'fast reply' feature to do this post. I was only able to reply via a 'reply' button with my post. -?

Matthew -> RE: Nero 6 Ultra (6/29/2005 4:30:28 PM)

Can be annoying, but there are worse forms of ad's like the hyperactive ATI Flash banner on another forum I visit - they over-use flash, so turning it off is a little awkward.

Now lets see if I can trip one of those links, and then show my method of killing them where they are especially inappropriate.

I have Microsoft and Nero software, and an Epson printer.

Matthew -> RE: Nero 6 Ultra (6/29/2005 4:39:04 PM)

Since it resisted all my attempts - the main answer is that if you disable javascript (for security) you'll find the crap goes away - as does your ability to post - yes, the way it's set up now REQUIRES javascript!

Aarby -> RE: Nero 6 Ultra (6/30/2005 1:10:44 AM)

Well, I grew suspicious when the crashing (of Nero) always happened on a particular picture in my slideshow. I therefore deleted that from the slideshow, and voila, all is well. Although I only crashed, with that particular file/pic, when I attempted to do a final preview playing of the slideshow. I had no trouble simply skipping to the burn and burning.

I can't say I appreciate the links in my posts. Really, They are downright nasty. Thanks for the reply by the way.

Matthew -> RE: Nero 6 Ultra (6/30/2005 11:42:14 AM)

I just checked -  is the source - if they bother you that much, then kill that site using the hosts file, or put them in IE restricted zone.

They support the forum, of course, so if everyone killed them, this would be a blank page, but losing a few people who just find them irritating wouldn't matter - I shan't be releasing the "experimental" blocking, since I find having my own browser's javascript abused in this way to be rather distasteful.

And SURPRISE SURPRISE - my BACK BUTTON now works properly - so it was flamin' Vibrantmedia's javascript junkware that was screwing things up!
Maybe not - had another back button failure this time, but then there may be some of it left in cache!

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