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CBordes -> Burn CD's but never capture audio - WHY? (10/23/2001 1:47:17 AM)

I recently upgraded a Dell computer from its original configuration (of one CD-Rom)to having a New CD-Rom and a SONY CDRW.

The new configuration successfully burned a CD (w/audio) however, there was a skip/gap in the recording. I raised the RAM to the Maximum, upgraded the sound and graphics card and tried again. The second session produced a somewhat better CD but it took SOOOOOO long to burn.

Finally, I upgraded the unit from Win98 to WinME - and from that point on the burner will pick-up all tracks, track times, song titles etc. but NO AUDIO. The Sony burner came with something like Sony CD Extreme. When I go to Create an Audio CD the program recognizes the production CD in G:\. I attempt to "add a track" to H:\ and it does not acknowledge any tracks for opening/transfer. I have run myself in circles trying to figure this out, if anyone can be of assistance I will be very, very grateful.

I apologize for not being able to make my plea more concise.

Thank you,

Chris Bordes
Phoenix, AZ


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john -> RE: Burn CD's but never capture audio - WHY? (10/23/2001 10:07:26 AM)

Use Nero..Works better than Sony's CDR software

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