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riazahmad_md -> Lame for files with low sample rate (6/6/2005 5:27:41 AM)

iam using the Lame DLL in my C++ Application
i Have Wav Files with the following properties
Audio Format   : DSP Group TrueSpeech (TM)
Average Data Rate  : 1.67 kb/second
Sample Rate  : 8.00 khz
Audio Sample size  : 1 bit

This file is not converting in to mp3 Properly
if i canhge the sample rate with any other program (Sound Recorder)it is working .
i want to know how to change the Sample rate of a wav file Programatically.
Any body please help...

BinaryJustin -> RE: Lame for files with low sample rate (6/14/2005 8:00:27 AM)

I use this command-line for low-rate LAME mp3 files...

-b 8 -m m -h --abr 48 -B 64 --nspsytune --noshort --cwlimit 7 --lowpass 9 --lowpass-width 1 -q 2 --athonly --ns-bass -6 --scale 0.93 -X7

Just paste it into the Custom Options within Razor Lame.

It's obviously low-rate and if I had to describe it, I'd say better than AM radio but slightly worse than FM radio.

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