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smallhen -> rpc1.org down? (5/24/2005 11:16:59 AM)

I can no longer get to rpc1.org.  Anyone know what happened to it? It's still pingable.

Flash -> RE: rpc1.org down? (5/24/2005 11:23:50 AM)

I can confirm it is down no further info as yet

emperor -> RE: rpc1.org down? (5/25/2005 6:03:00 PM)

yes seems down i have no info what happened

Dolphinius_Rex -> RE: rpc1.org down? (5/25/2005 7:17:43 PM)

Geez... I don't use rpc1.org THAT much... but I always referred back to there for firmware hacking info, and details on the latest firmwares for drives I don't own.... now I feel lost. I hope they're up again soon! [&:]

Flash -> RE: rpc1.org down? (5/26/2005 3:40:35 AM)

Aparently the server has gone down with a major hardware failure & the admin is away on vacation.
My site is hosted on the server and currently unavailable I now have a mirror site HERE where you can download from my collection of mainly Pioneer related firmwares & mods

emperor -> RE: rpc1.org down? (5/29/2005 7:33:16 AM)


JosieNutter -> RE: rpc1.org down? (5/31/2005 5:01:29 PM)


I have NEVER been able to get to it for as long as I have known about it.

Zebadee -> RE: rpc1.org down? (5/31/2005 5:21:59 PM)


ORIGINAL: JosieNutter


I have NEVER been able to get to it for as long as I have known about it.

Hi  [:)]
For your Nec you don't need to / try

MP3Mogul -> RE: rpc1.org down? (5/31/2005 5:55:21 PM)

It is being co-hosted for now on the freaks (I hate to advertise "ANYTHING" for them) but it is there if anyone needs anything desperately.

Flash -> RE: rpc1.org down? (5/31/2005 6:24:11 PM)

Its back up & running you can access forum.rpc1.org at the IP
Until DNS updates [8D]

Iggy -> RE: rpc1.org down? (6/1/2005 1:54:27 AM)

OK, now it is fully OK. Thanks!!!

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