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Guest -> nvidia 6200 review (5/10/2005 5:10:39 AM)

i just read your review on the POV 6200TC card. I can't understand however why you gave only 2 stars on performance. I think that since the card does what it promises, and of course it cannot be compared with 6600 or 6800 GPUs, it is the king of low end graphic boards. Considering this, i think that you should really give it some slack. [8|]

let me know your thouths about giving stars to a product. I don;t think that it's wrong, but it surely is woth mentioning it.

the link for quick finding the review is here: http://www.cdrinfo.com/Sections/Reviews/Specific.aspx?ArticleId=13135&PageId=0

Iggy -> RE: nvidia 6200 review (5/10/2005 6:04:28 AM)

This is a logical thought.

Thanos -> RE: nvidia 6200 review (5/10/2005 7:54:37 AM)

Hi grain,
the performance of a card in our reviews is rated with stars being compared to other recent graphics cards.
Since it's a budget card the only stars it would get would be usually 1 or 2.
You already said : "the card does what it promises". That's why we have rated it with 4/5 stars for "Value for money".
If you want to see if the card is good enough for its class/price then you're looking at the wrong rating :)

Guest -> RE: nvidia 6200 review (5/10/2005 8:43:02 AM)

ok, i got your thinkin (h8 it when you're right[sm=matrix03-coolemoticons.gif])
maybe it;s easier to let people know in the review why it took only 2 stars

emperor -> RE: nvidia 6200 review (5/10/2005 11:39:55 AM)

grain thanks for mentioning this, i believe it was a mistake from us, we will correct this at upcoming reviews

MichaelJK8 -> RE: nvidia 6200 review (2/24/2015 4:49:33 AM)

your efficiency of your greeting card in our reviews is scored using personalities getting when compared to various other new artwork credit cards.
Since it's a funds greeting card the one personalities it will obtain would be usually a couple of.
You witout a doubt mentioned: "the greeting card really does what that promises". That's why we have scored that using 4/5 personalities for "Value for money".
If you wish to discover when the greeting card is adequate to its class/price subsequently you're looking with the wrong standing: ).


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