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RedSquirrel -> DVDInfoPro Serial Number (5/6/2005 9:08:55 AM)

Hi, I have checked through the forum and cannot find this question or an answer to it.

During installation of a new version of DVDInfoPro I always get asked for my serial number - which means I have to dig through all my paper work and type it in again.

Is there any chance the install routines could, along the lines of the Nero tools, determine the existing serial number and pre-load it into the dialog box during the installation, ready for me to just select "Install"

Just my personal preference, but would make the installtion of new versions so much easier.


zebra -> RE: DVDInfoPro Serial Number (5/6/2005 5:40:47 PM)

Hi there Ian,

Yup, I understand your thirst for a more usable interface, in terms of serial number input efficiency.

Unfortunate as it seems, there was a user, in the not too distant past who was actually using means of reg editing and modification to "hack" DVDInfoPro. This was publically disclosed on other forums. We were very displeased by these events. As a result, we were forced to keep the reg. key and associated serial number out of clear-sight from the user. As a result, in the most recent versions, it cannot be "pulled back" to the user when a new version is installing. We are thinking of safe ways to deal with this, so that your request CAN be fulfilled eventually! :)

Keep your eye on the ground, one of these days, your request will be implemented.

Hope that helps!


RedSquirrel -> RE: DVDInfoPro Serial Number (5/6/2005 6:53:56 PM)


At least I now know why I get asked every time - I am more than happy to wait for a secure method to appear in a later version.


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